Our Story

Keir Davis, creator of HaystackCRM:
“As Xtern Software grew, I found we needed a way to keep track of all our existing, new, and potential clients. We tried a number of different CRMs, including some of the best known, but none were a good fit. They were either too big, too expensive and complicated, or they were so simplistic they didn’t really help us. Well, necessity is the mother of invention, so we decided to develop our own, and HaystackCRM was the result.”

“The fact that we built our CRM because we needed it, makes us different from a lot of companies. This isn’t just a product we decided to create and market – it solves a problem we had, and that’s how the most powerful solutions come to be created. We put in the features we saw we needed and we think other businesses our size need. And because I use it every day, I’m constantly giving notes to our development team to make it better."

Our Home

We are proud to call North Carolina home. With many prestigious universities leading the way, our state has been a hub of technological innovation for decades. Our team represents the latest wave of entrepreneurs and developers to hail from North Carolina!

Our Mission

To meet the CRM needs of small businesses, we created a mobile-based CRM app that is easy to use and also works well on the web. HaystackCRM eliminates the complexity and inconvenience of web-based CRMs that are only secondarily mobile.

  • "There are so many things I really like about Haystack! Here are just a few: the fact that it's cloud-based and works perfectly on all of my devices; the ability to export by tag; and the integration with Mailchimp is awesome! I also find the Who’s Around Me feature to be incredibly powerful in making efficient sales trips. The dashboard is intuitive and provides a quick review of everything I need to be productive."

    — Jerry Dunton, Uttermost & Revelation, Sales Rep Uttermost
  • "As a small business owner working with a team based in other states, HaystackCRM has a user-friendly, cloud-based platform that allows us to work together to successfully manage our customer relationships. Our team loves the ability to access our CRM while on the road or in the office through our phones, tablets, or laptops…it works seamlessly."

    — Jason Scanlon, Uttermost & Revelation, Sales Rep Uttermost