3 Tips for Getting Tasks Done with your CRM

In HasytackCRM, Tasks are short to-do items that can be checked off when completed. Decide if you use Tasks for those undertakings that are quick responsibilities or engagements that are part of your workflow. Events are designed to be appointments, conferences and meetings in HaystackCRM, the more substantial engagements of your customer relationships. Add Tasks to help manage your workload. Quickly, getting Tasks done allows for more time on activity spent with customers and ultimately, generating sales.

1. Tackle Tasks Weekly

Set aside time every week to manage your assigned Tasks. If you take a short time to tackle your tasks without distractions, you are likely to accomplish more of them. Small business owners do not always have large teams to get their business duties done and the demands on their time is high. HaystackCRM provides an efficient CRM tool for small business.

Open HaystackCRM for reminders of Tasks that you have to do. The dashboard in HaystackCRM has a list of these to-do items, whether you are looking at your mobile CRM or web CRM. Only uncompleted Tasks show on the Dashboard because these are the ones that need action. As a result of having access on your mobile CRM, accomplish Tasks with less interruption to your customer interactions.

Tasks have their own screen on the main menu too. View the entire list from selecting View from the web Dashboard or select Tasks from the main navigation menu. Once completed, check the box. That Task moves to the Completed list. Completed Tasks can be viewed from a tab in this Task screen to keep you informed of the prior assignments you or your team have accomplished.

2. Add Dates to a Task

Keep in mind you can view Tasks on the Calendar if you add a date when creating. If you prefer a deadline for completing a Task, add a date to mark the Task in the all- day section of your Calendar. View Tasks on your Calendar as another reminder of your scheduled responsibilities.

After you create a Task, chooe the option of adding an alert. The default setting for alerts is off. Add Alert initiates a push notification 10 minutes prior to the date you selected. Quickly edit the type of alert on your mobile CRM with options of email or push notifications. HaystackCRM keeps you up-to-date on your workload in the most convenient ways.

3. Add Tasks for a Routine Workflow

HaystackCRM was designed as a tool for small business owners and smaller sales teams to track their sales pipeline. Routine tasks for each new sales prospect may be a part of your business process. Create a Task for each of these steps. Associate a Task with a Contact or Opportunity so you have the information at hand to speak with knowledge and authority to your prospective customers. With access to all this information on a mobile CRM, you will have more opportunities to complete tasks.

As you or a sales team member proceed through the stages of the sales cycle, the list of Tasks to be completed can be seen for each Contact. Established best practices that work for your sales process can be followed by creating custom tasks. Do you email a prospect and then cold call to introduce your company? Then, add a Task to email or call and associate with the Contact. On any Contact, Company, Opportunity or Event listing, access a tab for Tasks and view what needs to be done.

Certainly, creating and completing Tasks in HaystackCRM is an opportunity to streamline your sales efforts. Follow all these tips to get the most out of HaystackCRM as your CRM tool for small business and sales management.