A Friendly CRM for Small Business

It’s no secret that the dominant CRM providers in the market are designed for enterprise customers. Complicated and overblown technology can be daunting for a smaller organizations. In contrast, HaystackCRM focuses on providing sales support to small business and smaller sales teams with a simple, friendly CRM.  What makes HaystackCRM a friendly CRM? A CRM that is priced for budgets of small business owners and covers all the features you need in a CRM. As a mobile first CRM, core functions like contact, lead and pipeline management are accessible from any device.

Tap into customer data from wherever your job takes you with native mobile applications. Developed as a cloud-based CRM, and hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, HaystackCRM provides up-to-date information across the system. Manage your sales process on mobile apps and improve the experience of working with your company for your customers.

Works Well with Others

HaystackCRM works well with other applications that you may be using already as small business tools. If you send emails from Office 365 or Google mail, HaystackCRM has a seamless integration with those email clients and others. Take a few steps to add your email address and the emails you send or receive can be read in the system. Since the emails are associated with your customer or account, locate pertinent information quickly. You only need to integrate your email account once, instead of the hassle of remembering to add a bcc email address for every email.

Share valuable customer insights with other team members. Most likely, your small business team works together frequently. Keep everybody informed of customer interactions, with shared notes and email conversations in the customer listing. A quote needing negotiation can be shared with your customer via email, text or other integrated applications like Dropbox. Structure teams in HaystackCRM with different levels of visibility if needed.

Friendly Pricing

Want to test HaystackCRM before committing? No problem. We have a free single user account that has all the features you need to determine if this easy-to-use CRM is a good fit. If you want to try with your team, we have a trial with all features available as well. Have questions for our support team about getting started? We are happy to talk to you, complete with friendly Southern accents, to support your experience of HaystackCRM.