A Mobile CRM for on the go Sales

Salespeople are often on the go and need a CRM for on the go. Customer meetings, networking events, or sales calls fill the day.  With so much time away from the office, mobile CRMs have evolved to provide access to your customers while in the field. Now a mobile device is not just a way to call customers when you’re away from the office. With HaystackCRM apps, your phone or tablet is a tool to handle your business fully so that you maintain the best relationships with prospects and customers.

Keep your Pipeline Moving

Once your contacts are imported, set up your first deal. Create an opportunity with a prospect or existing customer from your contact list. Add tasks to go along with the deal to keep the opportunity moving through the sales pipeline. If you decide the deal is hot, then it can rise to the top of the list as a priority. You have control of what opportunities deem action by marking as hot, warm or cold. Also, sort based on stage, expected close date or value, depending on the most important factor to you.

Losing track of existing customers is a frequent concern of sales teams. Sometimes this is a consequence of a sales manager demanding new leads being added to the database instead of cultivating existing relationships. Salespeople know that existing customers require follow up and are the most likely source of a closed opportunity.

Keep track of those loyal customers easily in a mobile app. Scroll through your customer list or search by name to identify who you need to reach out to. Within the HaystackCRM app, call the customer to touch base. Email within the app and have the email logged and saved within their listing. These conversations are associated with the customer for future reference.

Access your CRM on the go

HaystackCRM gives you access to this data quickly. Because HaystackCRM is a native mobile app, you have full advantage of the processing speed. Speed through the features to find customer information rapidly. HaystackCRM is the mobile CRM to take with you to keep running your business smoothly.

HaystackCRM gives access to data conveniently and quickly, no matter where you are. With a mobile CRM for on the go, you keep tabs on your emails, connect with prospects and even send a quote. These can be done between customer appointments because you have your phone with you. Save time and reduce later work requirements.