A Mobile CRM for Sales Reps

At HaystackCRM, our focus is providing sales reps with sales tools they will actually use. We recognized that the CRM needs to be accessed on a phone when looking at how sales professionals prefer to work. We designed a mobile CRM that was mobile first, not mobile as an afterthought. Because sales reps need more details than contact details, the full sales process can be managed from mobile.

Sales representatives each have a unique sales process. However, contact name and contact information are commonly needed to facilitate the sales process. How these basic elements are presented in HaystackCRM are key to a sales rep taking action. In the design of HaystackCRM, spreadsheet formats have been replaced with interactive mobile app design. Each Contact or Company can be visually scanned by scrolling and tapped for more information. Gain benefit from navigating the customer database on a mobile CRM quickly.

A simpler layout with actionable elements ensures finding the information faster and more easily.  Any detail can be globally searched on the HaystackCRM to return results of a desired segment. Continue through a workflow by adding an opportunity with the company. Include tasks as touch points and move a customer more efficiently through the sales process.

Mobile CRM Benefits

Just-in-time information at the point of impact is one of the greatest values of mobile CRM. For example, you can access a note on your phone with a few taps in order to prepare for a meeting. Another way would be to map nearby customers when visiting a territory. Tag a customer with a word or short phrase after learning background information. Background or historical information about an account informs a sales team with valuable insights.

All these examples show a mobile CRM for sales reps empowers them to do their job more easily. With HaystackCRM, overcome the sales challenge of remembering all information when a mobile CRM is used. Instead, a sales reps has a better way to connect with customers and prospects.

Because of access to the entire sales process, sales representatives develop a business rhythm with HaystackCRM as a tool. Use it with your entire sales team to deliver unique insight to each sales rep. With feedback from sales reps, HaystackCRM continues to increase the features accessed on a mobile CRM. Let us know what you would like to see in the next generation of HaystackCRM.