Work your To-Do List in HaystackCRM

Success at running a business depends on persistence and resilience. Whether it is creating new business with sales opportunities or managing the day to day operations, small businesses have long to-do lists. To simplify keeping on top of these responsibilities, create tasks in HaystackCRM. Keep working in the platform to organize your tasks, appointments and […]

Simplify your CRM

Positive feedback from our customers confirms our success at simplifying a CRM. HaystackCRM delivers your customer information with a clean view of contact information. More than the contact information, the customer interactions are unified under the customer listing to give quick access as well. Examine exchanged emails, calendar events, upcoming tasks to stay on top […]

Tagging in your CRM

Generally, the capabilities of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be divided into customer, sales and marketing management. All of these areas of business management are combined in the platform HaystackCRM to give you tools for boosting sales. One of those tools is Tags. Tags are custom labels for a contact, company or other […]