Bringing you the best CRM in 2019

Another end to a calendar year is time for reflection at HaystackCRM and looking at the milestones of 2019. During 2019, subscribers more than doubled for the second straight year. A huge thank you to all of our community for selecting HaystackCRM.

Updates to Search

HaystackCRM has grown in features, too!

— We added global search to HaystackCRM this year. Enter a few characters for results of a search of Contacts, Companies, Events or Opportunities.

— Did you know we added searching Notes for hashtags? Add a # to your Note to tag information that you want to highlight. Then search for that hashtag in the global search bar for matching notes.

More ways to get the information you need quickly from your CRM improves your experience.

Mobile CRM is the best CRM

As a mobile CRM, updates to our iOS apps happen throughout the year. If you don’t have automatic updates set in your iOS device, be sure to check periodically for updates. That way you will have the latest version of the best CRM for just-in-time information.

Capterra found that 65% of sales reps who use mobile CRM achieved their sales targets vs. 22% for those who use traditional CRM systems. Add HaystackCRM mobile apps to your tool set for improved sales management.

A favorite feature of HaystackCRM continues to be mapping of Contacts and Companies. Mapping sales are a key to increasing your opportunities. With feedback from our customers, we are adding mapping of Opportunities.

At HaystackCRM, we strive to make connections with our customers just like you. Making connections with excellent customer service will continue to be one of our goals in 2020.

We have helped customers:

— Import their database

— Select naming conventions for Tags

— Add an email client to their account

We want you to succeed and continue to be a part of the HaystackCRM community in 2020!