[Meet the Team] Malik Britton & Lavanya Goluguri

Did you know that Greensboro, North Carolina, is home to 50,000+ local college students? Campus Greensboro runs the Campus Greensboro Fellows Program.  “A competitive, 10-week summer program that includes a paid industry internship and opportunities to build your network, enhance your professional development, engage in the community, and explore Greensboro as a place to thrive […]

[Meet the Team] Jennifer Davis & Heath Webster

Rounding out our leadership team is Jennifer Davis (Sales & Marketing) and Heath Webster (Software Development).  A bit about Jennifer  Jennifer “officially”  joined her husband, Keir, at Xtern Software about five years ago. She had been quite involved previously. She was the person Keir would bounce ideas off of, vent frustrations to, etc. Not to […]