[Xtern Software] Think global, give local

Recently, we blogged about Extreme Nonprofit Makeover. We are so excited to participate this year! Xtern Software, along with other local tech companies, will be providing a full tech makeover to a worthy nonprofit.  The makeover includes hardware, software, digital marketing assistance, and more. We are donating HaystackCRM implementation to the recipient. We are also […]

[Xtern Software] Growing our team in Greensboro

It’s early March, but most of our local colleges and universities are already back from spring break. This means that internship season will soon be upon us!  You might be surprised to learn that Greensboro, North Carolina, is home to 50,000+ local college students. Though not all of them live here during the summers, a […]

[HaystackCRM] Extreme Makeover: Tech Edition

If you’re familiar with our story, you know we built HaystackCRM for our own business. As we grew, we needed a nimble, and user-friendly CRM. This helped us easily track our customer management workflow.  We realized nonprofits would also value HaystackCRM. Often, nonprofits may face: — Lack of consistent funding. — High turnover in critical […]