Tips on Working with Tags for Productivity

Contact management can be an overwhelming task even with a CRM as a tool. Tags were a feature added early on in the development of HaystackCRM  to segment data and increase productivity.  As a sales person or a business owner, you need to separate your customer information in a way that is memorable and actionable. This is one of the key reasons that HaystackCRM does not follow the model of a spreadsheet in presenting your customer’s account to you. Your productivity increases with Tags as visual cues. Visually following a single line of different information along a screen of lines doesn’t help you successfully interact with your customer. Tags are located on the Contact or Company listing at the top of the listing in a background of hard-to-miss orange.

Contact Management with Tags

Start using Tags when you need to separate your data records by categories or groups. Tags allow a further way to organize your customer database. Tags can be customized to say anything that you need, from a label of an industry segment, a priority level or another way you have of identifying a Contact or Company. You create your own Tag and you can create multiple ones. By giving you the ability to customize the Tag, you set the pattern for organizing in your own way. HaystackCRM is customer management and pipeline management that is specific to your way of managing small business.

Tags are one of the ways to create a hierarchy in HaystackCRM so you can have a system of priorities. As mentioned before, Tags are located on the upper right highlighted in orange so you have a visual cue to establish the importance of the information. You will be able to process this visual cue quickly and efficiently. Maybe you don’t always read the information that you put into a Tag, but you will recognize the Tag as important information. HaystackCRM gives you a platform to view your customer information in manageable pieces. 

Whether you’re tapping or clicking or swiping, you can see the key identifiers of your customer and dig deeper when you need to. Distilling information into a Tag makes the Tag actionable. You have ready insight into a Contact’s level of interest, preferences or role to take into account for your next step.

Use Tags to Group in your CRM

So far, we have highlighted how you are using Tags with a Contact or Company. Tags can be assigned to other record types other than a Contact or Company. You can add a Tag to an Opportunity, an Event or a Task, all the main record types in HaystackCRM. Apply the same Tag to segment your Opportunities by industry, by location, or however you categorize your records.

Search your Tags to locate the groups with the same designation. Maybe you have recognized a trend or you want to notify a group to move your customer relationship along. Then search HaystackCRM for a Tag across records groups. Tags are an effective way to find what you need and combine different items into ongoing projects.

Tags follow the same principles of HaystackCRM utilizes to provide information that is a manageable. One of the biggest complaints of traditional CRMs are being overwhelmed with meaningless detail. When you set the details, they have meaning to you and your business. Manage your customers relationships from leads to closed opportunities. With Tags, you have more ways of being successful with HaystackCRM.