Drive your Customer Relationships with Events

HaystackCRM has multiple features to improve your company’s relationships with customers. Events are the appointments, conferences, and customer interactions that drive those relationships. Most salespeople and business owners check their calendars multiple times to remind themselves of the appointments and calls. Because these customer interactions are so important to your business, HaystackCRM displays upcoming Events on the main dashboard automatically. A mobile CRM like HaystackCRM gives you access to Events when you check your phone or tablet. Knowing schedules in real time is essential for sales teams.

Establish Cadence in your CRM

With HaystackCRM, you can use the software to guide the cadence of your customer meetings. Set up your own business process in HaystackCRM by creating phone calls or customer meetings as Events on your calendar at 1 weekly intervals or whatever interval you have established to nurture your customer relationship. By setting these Events in your HaystackCRM calendar, you will be able to keep tabs on your new and existing customers. Not only are the Events on your calendars, but Alerts can be set. Alerts remind you of upcoming appointments by email or push notifications. You decide if Alerts are necessary for you to remember an Event.

A CRM can not fully automate your customer relationship management, but you can set up some features to help move sales forward. Set up an Event with an automatic reminder email for say two weeks prior to closing dates asking customers to schedule an in-person meeting. Then sales teams may see an increase in the number of meetings on their calendars. This gives you more face time. Customers are happier when you take the time to listen to their needs and goals.

Tracking Events builds Customer Relationship

If you are moving to HaystackCRM from spreadsheets, you know one of the drawbacks of using spreadsheets to store your contacts and companies is no mechanism for creating an appointment with them. A spreadsheet can store lots of information, addresses and phone numbers, but not in an interactive way. This can lead to forgetting to follow up with new and old customers. HaystackCRM is the platform to track all your customer associated Events and drive long-lasting customer relationships.

Take advantage of mobile technology with a truly mobile CRM like HaystackCRM to improve the customer experience at each point throughout the prospect-to-customer journey. By putting clients at the center of your business model, you are able to differentiate your small business on the road to success.