Driving your Sales with Mapping in a Mobile CRM

Connecting with your customers is a large part of sales teams’ daily activities, not to only sell a product or service but to meet customers where they are and listen to their needs. In particular, sales representatives have not been tied to a desk. Instead, they physically meet with customers and clients at appointments, networking events or trade shows. To make planning and getting to those events easier, HaystackCRM maps your customers’ locations. Mapping in a mobile CRM are based on addresses automatically.

Finding your Customers with Maps

In the single view of a customer or a company, the map displays the location. After that, access directions with one click or tap on the desktop or mobile app. However you choose to travel for an on-site visit, you can plan for the travel time from HaystackCRM.

The feature in HaystackCRM called “Who’s Near Me?” becomes a sales call planner that saves time and effort. Determine what customers are near your current location with the feature. Add those identified customers in your area to your list of sales call appointments. As a result, you have a convenient plan of action. Meeting a customer can mean the difference between closing deals or losing the opportunity. Using HaystackCRM requires less time planning meetings and more time face-to-face with customers.

Mobile CRM Sales Tools

Almost every small business owner spends time outside the office, becoming a sales team of one. Many industries require an owner or sales person to go to the customer. Why not choose CRM tools that are as mobile as your business? HaystackCRM gives access to geolocation for every customer via the CRM app. Combining mapping with mobile apps, our customer relationship software gives freedom to line up deals from the road. Field representatives value this sales tool that saves money, time, and paperwork.

Take prospecting to the next level by locating prospective customers on the fly with the mapping feature in HaystackCRM. Because you can see a list of businesses in a category, you can find potential leads that match your business goals. Prospecting for new customers is less homework when you can add quickly to your CRM.

HaystackCRM has the best of the capabilities of enterprise CRMs, but for small businesses on tighter budgets. Mapping features are available on mobile CRM and web CRM so you can locate your current and new customers. HaystackCRM is a mobile CRM instrumental in increasing the efficiency of your everyday activities while keeping sales people connected with customers.