Find your customers in a CRM

Finding customers can be about finding new prospects or renewing contact with existing customers. HaystackCRM takes finding customers a step further with mapping. With HaystackCRM, you have the tools to find customers locations while using the app or web CRM. HaystackCRM automatically maps your customers based on the address entered in your database. Then you can use HaystackCRM to tell you which customers are near you or near other customers. Find your customers easily in your CRM.

Map your customers

Before setting out to a customer meeting, conveniently map your sales call from HaystackCRM. Sales teams know meeting their customers in person ensures trust and build relationships. Face-to-face meetings can be time consuming however. Make the most of those meetings by getting to the meeting easily with a map in your CRM. By including mapping sales calls in HaystackCRM, you have more sales tools to navigate meetings.

Mapping customers that are near your selected customer is a feature named “Who’s Nearby”. This feature of the mapping tools automatically pinpoints nearby customers on the map. To identifying new leads, try  prospecting with the “Who’s Near Me” feature in HaystackCRM. Select an industry segment to search and a list of prospects is mapped for you. Choose accounting firms or a bicycle shop for example. Add the best leads to HaystackCRM that match your business audience.

Find new customers

Mapping your Opportunities is currently a feature in development for HaystackCRM. Based on feedback from our customers, adding this record to mapping benefits many sales teams. Opportunities are a prospective deal with a customer. By including Opportunities on the map, you can focus on the most likely opportunity to close. More deals on the go are possible when you know where to go next with a mobile CRM.

Networking events are a frequent part of the sales process. Building new relationships with potential customers is easier with HaystackCRM. Enter your new contacts on your phone with a few steps in the moment or immediately after the conference, trade show or gathering. Such business events are likely part of your business growth, so make the most of the encounter by including new prospects in HaystackCRM.