Free CRM with a Calendar

In a short time, customer relationship management (CRM) has gone from overly complicated for enterprise companies to much simpler systems available to businesses of every size. HaystackCRM offers a free CRM with a calendar included to simplify your business processes and communications. Every company can benefit from organizing contact information, automating tasks and centralizing sales data.

But how easy is a CRM really?

Because HaystackCRM was built as a mobile first CRM, both iOS and Android apps are available as platforms. Your device will need to allow the app to access your calendar that you use on your device. With permission, the HaystackCRM app will display your events on the HaystackCRM Calendar. It’s that easy. That way there is no need to switch between applications and you have access to all the information you need. Turn off this permission in settings if you change your preference.

Stay on top of your schedule no matter where you are. Every meeting and task you schedule with a customer is visible on the HaystackCRM calendar on mobile. If you schedule an expected close date for an Opportunity, then that deadline is also visible. With a cloud-based CRM, any event or task you create on the mobile CRM will sync and display on the web calendar. Working with HaystackCRM as a free CRM is like the familiar software tools you already use.

Better Business with a CRM

There is a low learning curve for using HaystackCRM with its visual and straightforward interface. For making quick changes on the web CRM, drag and drop to change meeting times. Automated alerts as either a push notification or an email are both options to keep you organized. With access to calendar information across your organization, better communication results in better business.

HaystackCRM is being progressively used across different industries as a platform for your sales process and tracking customer relationships. Gain more deals on the go with a free CRM with calendar for customer engagement. If you have any questions on getting started, visit our website or give us a call.