Giving Thanks for a Mobile CRM

A customer relationship manager (CRM) helps you track all aspects of your customer relationship. At this time of year, we offer reasons you will be giving thanks if you use HaystackCRM, a truly mobile CRM. While other providers are trying to redesign and add features to their mobile CRMs, HaystackCRM has provided capabilities on mobile apps from the beginning. Having a mobile CRM is reason enough to give thanks, but we’ve highlighted a few more for you. 

Ease of Use

Having a complete view of a customer was a goal of the development of HaystackCRM. We think you’ll agree this makes for an easier to use CRM. To accomplish this, HaystackCRM boldly moved away from the traditional spreadsheet format. Instead, HaystackCRM displays your customer’s information in an easy to read format. The same is true for your contacts and opportunities. Each time you create a record and add data, HaystackCRM displays the information that you need automatically. Priority is given to upcoming appointments, open opportunities and uncompleted tasks. 

A favorite feature of many sales representatives has been voice dictation of Notes. Think of the familiar scenario of leaving a meeting full of ideas and feedback but with the dread of creating a detailed summary as “homework” later. With an easy to use mobile app like HaystackCRM, every user can reduce data entry by voice dictation of notes. Record your notes in seconds and avoid working later on the account.


Another benefit of HaystackCRM results in users relying on their CRM data being up-to-date. Attach a note to a customer’s account after a meeting on the mobileCRM and access it later on your laptop via your web account. Even better, a teammate will be able to reference the note to take action on their responsibilities for the account. Find CRM data in real time across both channels of web apps and mobile apps for reliably working together.


HaystackCRM relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud provider. We chose AWS for their long-standing expertise in cloud hosting and for their reputation of reliability and security. We have been rewarded with great service. Enter your customer data in HaystackCRM knowing you have a secure framework to back you up. Close sales faster from anywhere with HaystackCRM as a mobile CRM or web CRM.