How to Start with a CRM

The new year is coming and you have high hopes to be better organized. Using a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) can help you be better organized when it comes to running your business. To start with HaystackCRM, understand your existing customer database first before importing each and every person you have met. By knowing who your customers are before adding to your new CRM, you can gain insight into how a CRM will help you with your business goals.

Identify Current Customer Database

Most HaystackCRM subscribers are new to using a CRM. How do you build a customer database? HaystackCRM offers many ways for you to add contacts to your customer list. Because it is a mobile CRM, you can import directly from your phone or email to the CRM app. Take the time to look at the contact before choosing to import. If you have multiple lists that you need to consolidate, use the provided template on the web CRM to create one list from various sources. Decide on tags to segment the contacts before importing them all.

If you are currently using a CRM, you hopefully have a customer database. Many other CRMs do not have ways to segment your customer database however. Take a look at your list of contacts and companies. Are these customers who actively work with your business?  Maybe you met someone once and never followed up. Maybe your Aunt Mary’s brother-in-law’s niece contact information was added by mistake. Take some time to identify active customers, legitimate prospects and customers that you hope to reactivate. 

Start with Clean Database

Giving your customer database a fresh look gets you a start with clean data.  A number of records may be inaccurate or incomplete from a previous CRM because the records were not easily accessible. Others may be stale and no longer valid prospects, which is not completely avoidable. 

Start fresh with HaystackCRM by importing contacts and associated data fields that are relevant to your current business. Now is the time to streamline your data to create a database in HaystackCRM that is actionable and will improve your business process. With an easy to use mobile CRM, you can maintain quality data on an ongoing basis.