Kick off a Sales Opportunity in your CRM

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) grows revenue for businesses with management of the sales pipeline. More than housing the customer database, adding a sales opportunity to a CRM increases possible revenue. With HaystackCRM, kick off a sales pipeline with a customer by creating a new Opportunity. Meet your sales goals by adding multiple new opportunities to the system and follow through easily with mobile CRM features. After you add an Opportunity, you can complete the whole sales process with HaystackCRM.

Built for Small Business

Small business owners are limited in budget for software expenditures and in time spent adopting a new technology tool. HaystackCRM hits the mark as a small business CRM. A forever free option for single users is feature rich and includes use of all platforms. Create an Opportunity on your iOS device in the HaystackCRM app. By adding an Opportunity in the moment, you save time and effort catching up later. No other mobile CRM gives you with the quoting process as a free feature.

In addition to a favorable price point, HaystackCRM provides a strong alternative to the enterprise software with a quick and easy adoption rate. Deploy HaystackCRM as a web and mobile CRM. The mobile CRM increases the frequency of interactions with an all-in-one sales pipeline. Take advantage of connecting with your customer from your most used business tool, your phone. On the mobile apps, HaystackCRM is a CRM your team will use repeatedly and enjoy using.

Share Opportunity with your Team

If you are managing a sales team, then you can see team members’ status of an Opportunity and associated Quotes. With Quotes as an included feature with any HaystackCRM account, the final step of closing the deal is part of the CRM. The sales Quote is stored with the Opportunity, creating a trail of activity. Save time on communicating these details to everyone. A unified view of customer journeys lead to successful customer relationships. More reasons to adopt a simple CRM for your small business needs. Find out how easy it is to create an Opportunity or Quote by watching a video on our Support.