Managing Tasks in your CRM

The most common activity in HaystackCRM is completing a Task. Daily tasks make up a large portion of the sales and marketing process. Great salespeople know they need tools to help remember all the different responsibilities associated with a sale. Managing tasks in HaystackCRM is made easier by having uncompleted Tasks at the top of your dashboard. Keep on top of tasks with checking your HaystackCRM dashboard daily. Getting Tasks done quickly allows for more time spent with customers building relationships and ultimately generating sales.

Tasks as part of your Workflow

Customize your workflow by naming the Task as a step in your business process. Because HaystackCRM is a CRM built for sales people in mind, you can add a task quickly in mobile or in the web CRM. Watch this one minute video of as an example of how quickly you can add at Task on the iPhone app. When you have an understanding of what you are doing, you run your business more effectively. HaystackCRM gives you greater efficiency in managing your tasks in your CRM and fully managing your sales pipeline.

Automatically associate a Task with an Opportunity by adding from the open Opportunity screen. For a streamlined approach to managing your sales pipeline, any task that routinely needs to be completed can be added when creating the Opportunity. Check off Tasks as the Opportunity moves through the stages. Move an Opportunity from a lead to quoted to won. If you aren’t successful in winning an Opportunity, you can check to see if all tasks were completed during the process. Determine if missing a closed sale depended on completing certain tasks.

Manage Tasks on your Calendar

As described in prior blog, adding a date to a Task places the task on your Calendar. Set a due date for the task to keep on schedule for running your business. If your small business has a team account, assign a task to another team member. An email will automatically be sent to the assignee so they know they have a new Task. The assigned Task also shows on their dashboard.

Remind yourself about an outstanding Task by adding an alert. The default setting for an alert is off. However, easily change to a push notification or an email depending on your preferred method. Personalize how you use HaystackCRM with reminders for your outstanding calendar items.

Keep on Task with a CRM

HaystackCRM not only keeps the team working together, focused on the same Opportunities and customers, but also enables proactively dealing with any issues. Create a Task when learning of an important issue and manage Tasks in your CRM. Because HaystackCRM is a mobile CRM, you can act in the moment to address the challenge or notify another team member to do so. HaystackCRM is designed for streamlining the sales process, every step of the way.