Map your Sales Call

Meeting customers in person continues to be an avenue for building customer relationships for all small businesses. When you plan to reach out to your existing customers in person, conveniently map your sales call from HaystackCRM. Key to finding customers easily, mapping every customer address is a benefit of an easy to use CRM.  With a mobile CRM and mapping, you have the sales tools to make that meeting count.

Reach Out to your Customers

Small businesses know their customers at a more personal level than with larger companies. To keep nurturing those relationships, meet with customers face-to-face, even more important in this digital age. Use the sales tools in HaystackCRM to map your meeting location as you plan in-person meetings. All your customer data is mapped automatically. A mobile CRM with customer mapping ensures that you have the information you need.

To stay informed, sales professionals need more sales tools. Access prior buying history and negotiated quotes in the same CRM app. Dictate notes on the meeting afterward. Be prepared for your next sales call and make informed decisions with HaystackCRM.

A CRM that Finds New Customers

Mapping customers that are near your selected customer is a feature named “Who’s Nearby”. This aspect of the mapping tools makes visiting more customers in a territory easier by automatically pinpointing on a map. If you have a sales goal of identifying new leads in a territory, try the similar “Who’s Near Me” feature in HaystackCRM. Select an industry segment to search and a list of prospects is mapped for you. Add the best leads to HaystackCRM that match your business audience. Use this tool on the mobile CRM to maximize your time out of the office. More deals on the go are possible when you know where to go next.

Attending a networking event is another frequent occurrence for small business owners. Take advantage of generating high quality sales leads for your B2B company by entering your leads in a mobile CRM immediately after the networking event. Such business events are likely part of your business growth, so make the most of the encounter by including new prospects in your CRM. 

HaystackCRM is designed for streamlining the sales process, especially for teams with field sales professionals. Small businesses who utilize mobile apps or web-based applications can find their way with HaystackCRM. There is no downside to this powerful CRM because the free plan has the same functionality for mapping your customers.