Organize Customers by Tagging in a CRM

Organizing data in your CRM does not have to be an overwhelming task. Turn grouping your contacts and accounts into child’s play by adding a Tag in HaystackCRM. Segmenting your CRM to the way you recall helps you use the tool to its full potential. When it comes to looking for the best CRM for small business, discover how easily HaystackCRM reaches your goals for increasing contact with customers and increasing sales.

Manage your Customers

All small business owners have many tasks on their plate. With a frequent concern of budget and personnel, small businesses need a CRM to be inexpensive, easy to learn and have useful features. HaystackCRM tackles many aspects of a CRM with tagging. Manage contacts better with identifying smaller groups. Customize a tag for your specific industry to segment your records. And you can manage your deals better with a tagging priority level.

Customize HaystackCRM with Tagging

In order to provide ways for small businesses and smaller sales teams to customize their CRM, HaystackCRM implemented tags.Type in your tag to use with multiple contacts or companies. If you make a mistake typing, no need to worry. Delete a tag that doesn’t work for your sales process. You can also modify how a contact or account is tagged as your customer relationship grows . HaystackCRM adapts easily to how your business and sales accounts change.

Tags work great for keeping up with customers far beyond first contact. For example, think about if you want to send a special offer or referral discounts. Search by a tag for matching contacts, companies or opportunities. Armed with this result, follow through with your sales goals. From there, you follow up with phone calls, build email campaigns or reach out another way. Tags help manage your sales leads and continue to nurture your customer relationship.

Like with most of the features of the web CRM, use the power of Tags on your smartphone app. HaystackCRM has the same goal as our customers to have access to a mobile CRM. You use your phone daily for business so you need to use your CRM on your phone too. Give your small business and sales team the power of a smartphone app CRM. Reach out if you have questions about how you can use Tags or other features in HaystackCRM.