Free CRM with a Calendar

In a short time, customer relationship management (CRM) has gone from overly complicated for enterprise companies to much simpler systems available to businesses of every size. HaystackCRM offers a free CRM with a calendar included to simplify your business processes and communications. Every company can benefit from organizing contact information, automating tasks and centralizing sales data.

But how easy is a CRM really?

Because HaystackCRM was built as a mobile first CRM, both iOS and Android apps are available as platforms. Your device will need to allow the app to access your calendar that you use on your device. With permission, the HaystackCRM app will display your events on the HaystackCRM Calendar. It’s that easy. That way there is no need to switch between applications and you have access to all the information you need. Turn off this permission in settings if you change your preference.

Stay on top of your schedule no matter where you are. Every meeting and task you schedule with a customer is visible on the HaystackCRM calendar on mobile. If you schedule an expected close date for an Opportunity, then that deadline is also visible. With a cloud-based CRM, any event or task you create on the mobile CRM will sync and display on the web calendar. Working with HaystackCRM as a free CRM is like the familiar software tools you already use.

Better Business with a CRM

There is a low learning curve for using HaystackCRM with its visual and straightforward interface. For making quick changes on the web CRM, drag and drop to change meeting times. Automated alerts as either a push notification or an email are both options to keep you organized. With access to calendar information across your organization, better communication results in better business.

HaystackCRM is being progressively used across different industries as a platform for your sales process and tracking customer relationships. Gain more deals on the go with a free CRM with calendar for customer engagement. If you have any questions on getting started, visit our website or give us a call.

Sales Team Management with Tags in a CRM

sales team meeting

Sales teams have a lot of information to remember. They have to navigate multiple different segments of buyers, decision makers and end users as part of the sales process. Breaking down your customers into smaller groups is a tactic that helps determine the best targets and message. Tags are a feature that enables you to segment your customers into groups in HaystackCRM. Improve how your sales team manages customers with Tags.

Not only do we hear from sales teams about their challenges with sales management, but we also hear from small businesses about their needs. Independent business owners have needs unique to their business. That’s another reason why HaystackCRM allows you to customize Tags.

Tags can be customized to identify in any way that you need. Do you call your most important customers “rock stars”? That can be your Tags for VIPs. Other Tags can be created for type of service, referral source, or level of priority. Make your HaystackCRM your own.

Keep your Sales Team Working Together

Take advantage of the flexibility of HaystackCRM and establish a standardized business process for your sales team. Create the Tags for all team members to use when you first start to use the platform. Then every sales team member knows what category each Contact or Company belongs to. Choose to group by industry, company size, or pain points to highlight the customer’s key information. 

HaystackCRM provides flexible features with capabilities beyond other CRMs. Not only can you tag Contacts and Companies, you can label an Opportunity or an Event with a Tag. Best practices are to use a one or two word phrase to identify with a Tag.

Customize a Sales Approach with Tags

Let’s look at an example of how a consultant has used Tags to personalize their sales approach. This consultant recognized the same message for every customer was not working to win sales. For his client base, he needed to appeal to them with a more personalized message. In addition to tagging for shared characteristics, he tried tagging on shared challenges. Based on these tags, he had the information needed to create a unique communication for that individual client, tailored to their specific needs. 

Tags work great for keeping up with customers far beyond first contact. For example, think about if you want to send a special offer or referral discounts. Instead of manually pulling your contacts, you can search for a tagged list of Contacts. From there, you follow up with phone calls, build email campaigns or reach out another way. Tags are a fantastic way to manage your sales leads list and continue to grow your customer database.

With HaystackCRM, your sales team has the power of technology to keep your business running every day with improved business processes. Reach out if you have questions about how you can use the business tools we’ve given you to help boost your sales.

Save Time on Quotes in HaystackCRM

For our customers, completely managing the sales process in a CRM, especially in a mobile CRM was key. With the HaystackCRM feature of Quotes, create a sales quote directly from an Opportunity and share with your customer. Every small business, entrepreneur and sales team has access to Quotes because HaystackCRM provides the tool at all price levels, including with the free CRM. Our goal has been to provide an all-in-one sales pipeline to start, manage and complete the whole sales process with time-saving features.

Sales Quotes from Opportunities

Follow these simple steps to move your prospect to a customer through the sales process.

  • Create an Opportunity 
  • Generate a Quote directly from the Opportunity 
  • Send to your customer
  • Revise Quote as negotiate

The sales Quote is stored with the Opportunity, creating a trail of activity.
Reference the automatic date stamp on a Quote. For additional convenience, an expiration date also automatically generates to be 30 days from creation date. View the expected closing date for any Quote on the Calendar in HaystackCRM. Expected closing dates give you a timeline for your sales pipeline. Team members can see exactly what has been quoted and the status of your opportunity. Save time on communicating these details to everyone. 

Quick and easy sales

A Quote can be created on your iOS device in the HaystackCRM app to save you time and effort. A mobile CRM has more advantages with simple ways of connecting to your customer. Take advantage of integrated applications by sharing a Quote via message, mail, Google Drive or Dropbox. After you opt to print the quote, a pdf will generate. On the web interface, a pdf of the Quote will generate in a separate tab. Export the Quote if you choose to share with a customer differently. With HaystackCRM, you have the technology to improve your customer experience. No other CRM gives you these options with the quoting process.

print quote in HaystackCRM

Customized Quotes

The document created from your Quote includes your company logo with your organization’s details to standardize your sales quotes. For more flexibility when negotiating with your customers, discounts for line items or the entire quote can be made with quick editing. The quotation process includes expected revisions. Quotes are an included feature with any HaystackCRM account and there are no storage limits to worry about. More reasons to adopt a simple CRM for your small business needs.

Find out how easy it is to create Quotes by watching a video on our Support channel.