Organize Customers by Tagging in a CRM

Organizing data in your CRM does not have to be an overwhelming task. Turn grouping your contacts and accounts into child’s play by adding a Tag in HaystackCRM. Segmenting your CRM to the way you recall helps you use the tool to its full potential. When it comes to looking for the best CRM for small business, discover how easily HaystackCRM reaches your goals for increasing contact with customers and increasing sales.

Manage your Customers

All small business owners have many tasks on their plate. With a frequent concern of budget and personnel, small businesses need a CRM to be inexpensive, easy to learn and have useful features. HaystackCRM tackles many aspects of a CRM with tagging. Manage contacts better with identifying smaller groups. Customize a tag for your specific industry to segment your records. And you can manage your deals better with a tagging priority level.

Customize HaystackCRM with Tagging

In order to provide ways for small businesses and smaller sales teams to customize their CRM, HaystackCRM implemented tags.Type in your tag to use with multiple contacts or companies. If you make a mistake typing, no need to worry. Delete a tag that doesn’t work for your sales process. You can also modify how a contact or account is tagged as your customer relationship grows . HaystackCRM adapts easily to how your business and sales accounts change.

Tags work great for keeping up with customers far beyond first contact. For example, think about if you want to send a special offer or referral discounts. Search by a tag for matching contacts, companies or opportunities. Armed with this result, follow through with your sales goals. From there, you follow up with phone calls, build email campaigns or reach out another way. Tags help manage your sales leads and continue to nurture your customer relationship.

Like with most of the features of the web CRM, use the power of Tags on your smartphone app. HaystackCRM has the same goal as our customers to have access to a mobile CRM. You use your phone daily for business so you need to use your CRM on your phone too. Give your small business and sales team the power of a smartphone app CRM. Reach out if you have questions about how you can use Tags or other features in HaystackCRM.

Choose a CRM for Ease of Use

For small business owners, choosing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is driven by a limited budget and saving time. If you prioritize the user experience when evaluating a CRM, you will find one that your team will adopt more quickly and easily. HaystackCRM is designed for a small business to start working with the CRM as soon as you open an account. Explore some of the ways of working with HaystackCRM as fast ways to get started.

Mobile App Works Where You Work

Enhance your CRM experience with a native mobile app like HaystackCRM Choose from multiple native apps to use across the range of devices in your company. Fast navigation is an advantage of a native mobile app. Also take advantage of the flexible features of a mobile device with voice recordings to capture notes for your CRM records. Share a document on your phone instead of only access on your laptop. 

Get notified of important milestones or appointments by HaystackCRM on your phone or tablet. A mobile CRM notifies users of important events with push notifications and emails. Because you use your phone so often, these notifications will likely never be missed.

Find Customers Quickly

Just as you need a dialogue with your customers or clients, you need to be able to “converse” with your CRM. Ask HaystackCRM for your customer record with a quick search by typing the first few characters to quickly drill down in your database. Your customer record returns quickly in a reply to your search. 

A few steps process connects your email client and HaystackCRM. Review emails that import automatically after that. If you need to check social profiles and feeds, these can be linked to your customers’ details. Access on a phone to gain insights and determine if customer needs attention.

If you have already been using a CRM, you have contacts that you want to import. HaystackCRM lets you import your business contacts that are on your phone into the system. If you have a large number of contacts, import via a spreadsheet. The contacts are automatically visible on your account whether you access from the web or mobile app. 

Not only can you import contacts, you can import company accounts, closed deals and prior events. This historical data informs your ongoing sales. Our support team at HaystackCRM is available to assist you with importing data that you may have from previous systems. 

Get to Know HaystackCRM with a Free Trial

Try a free version of HaystackCRM, available for a single user. Limit the records of your CRM to 2500 and HaystackCRM remains free. A free trial is also offered for teams to allow you to explore the functionality. With features that boost your sales productivity, like managing customer details, notes, opportunities, tasks and appointment scheduling, find your team making HaystackCRM a habit.

Sales Teams Map Their Customers

For sales teams or an individual salesperson, finding a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that incorporates mapping customers has been a challenge.  But with HaystackCRM, sales professionals out in the field can utilize a mobile CRM and benefit from mapping features. A mobile CRM with maps linked to their customer database provides an improved tool for field sales teams.

Sales CRM for Field Sales

Small business owners know the value of sales teams visiting customers away from the office. Accustomed to doing things your own way, you have been stuck with overpriced or too complicated software for your business process. If you had to improvise with other mobile apps, you have quickly discovered that the connection to your unique business information is missing. Recently, a HaystackCRM customer shared that he had routinely searched for contact information for his current customers on Yelp because he had no phone access to his small business CRM. With HaystackCRM, map directions to your customer from your phone. Access prior buying history or closed opportunities in the same app. Be prepared for your next sales call and make informed decisions with HaystackCRM.

Adopt a CRM with Mapping

There is a low learning curve for using any of the features on HaystackCRM due to the visual and straightforward interface. Pinpoint customers with a couple of taps, intuitively mapping in the app. Mapping customers that are near your selected customer is a feature named “Who’s Nearby”. More deals on the go are possible when you know where to go next.

HaystackCRM is designed for streamlining the sales process, especially for teams that use sales professionals out in the field. Small businesses who utilize mobile apps or web-based applications can find their way with HaystackCRM. There is no downside to this powerful CRM because the free plan has the same functionality for mapping your customers.