Engage Your Customers with a Mobile CRM

HaystackCRM started with small business owners in mind when developing a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to give a full-featured mobile CRM at an affordable price. Your customer base can be large or small, but ideally every business owner strives for loyal customers. Each customer expects to feel important when they choose to do business with your company. To inspire loyalty, maintaining customer relationships and quality communications is crucial for businesses of every size.

Identify All Your Customers

But how do you keep track of all of your customers? Let’s start with identifying who your customers are. They are the people you talk to about your company, whether they are a lead or a potential customer. Customers are the people you correspond with to work on projects. And don’t overlook those that support your business as an existing customer. If you are B2B (business to business), your customers are Companies. A drawback of identifying all your contacts as individuals leaves out the Company in the role of customer. HaystackCRM chose to give you all these options to identify your customer base. Each group receives the desired attention to maintain loyalty with a CRM.

Work with a Better Layout

When you start using your HaystackCRM account, each person, each individual that you interact with at a Company can be associated with that company. Our intuitive design lets you see the connections on the main screen for a Contact. Being able to see the associated company with your Contact gives your mind context of how a person fits at a Company. Our visual paradigm works for you to see each Contact on a Company’s listing. This context kindles your relationships with your customers-the ultimate goal of a CRM. A mobile CRM has the advantage of quick access and assessment of your engagements by seeing these connections on your phone or tablet.

Remembering anyone’s phone number and email address is not a realistic task whatever your volume of customers. We all rely on technology to keep track of those details. A quick glance at your customer’s listing provides the contact details for kicking off your next conversation. Find the right person quickly instead of squinting at a spreadsheet with infinite columns. HaystackCRM gives access to your most utilized methods of communicating with your customers, including phone calls, texts and emails.

Mobile CRM Access

More than contact details are required preparing for a meeting or going into field sales call. Always be prepared with quick access on a mobile CRM so you have the customer history on your phone or tablet. You can’t answer questions a prospect or a customer may have until you know who they are and what you have communicated about. Recording your notes after an interaction becomes an easy to maintain habit when you can add a note to HaystackCRM on your phone, your most used business tool.

How will you keep track of all your customers now? Go to HaystackCRM for a business tool to stay organized and focused on your customer base. You can stay responsive to each customer’s needs to be recognized and addressed. With HaystackCRM as your CRM anywhere, meet the challenges of competitive markets with cultivating customer loyalty.