[Xtern Software] The Rotary Connection

Xtern has long had a connection to Rotary Club. Our founder, Keir, a longtime Rotarian, is a member of the leadership of Summit Rotary. 

Rotary International is an international service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. It is a non-political and non-religious organization open to all.

The values of Rotary are vital to the functioning of Xtern as a business organization. In fact, the Rotary Club’s 4-Way Test is even referenced on our Mission & Values page. This was what led our most recent hire, Gabe, to apply for work at Xtern. 

Gabe participated in an exchange program through Rotary International while he was in high school. A native of Brazil, he spent time with a host family in North Carolina. Gabe has always been involved with Rotary, since his father was Rotarian. After coming to the US for college, Gabe continued to volunteer for Rotary through Rotaract and for the Rotary Exchange program. 

Gabe said, “When I saw that Keir was a Rotarian and that the Rotary 4-Way Test was on the Xtern website, I thought, well…there’s a company I’d love to work for! Other companies may be good, but when I saw Keir’s connection to Rotary, that was a really big ‘you-can-trust-this-person’ sign.”

We are so glad that the Rotary connection drew Gabe to work at Xtern. We are delighted to have him join the team and we look forward to strengthening our ties with our local Rotary chapter in the coming years!

[Meet the Team] Gabriel Costa de Oliveira

We’re thrilled to welcome Gabe to the team as our second new App Developer. Gabe is a recent graduate of UNC Greensboro (UNCG), which brings our count of UNCG grads to seven!

Gabe is originally from Brazil and first came to the United States via a high school exchange program. The program was through Rotary International (more on the Rotary connection in an upcoming blog!). He grew up in a small town in Southern Brazil and after his exchange program, decided to attend college in the US. He studied Computer Science with a minor in Math. 

In his free time, Gabe volunteers for various nonprofits teaching math to kids and college students. He also enjoys playing piano (which he has studied since age 6), and practicing TaeKwonDo (he is a black belt). Gabe is also a newlywed. 

We’re excited to have Gabe contribute to the growth Xtern has seen in the past year, particularly in the area of app development. We are also so proud to continue to hire and retain Spartan graduates from UNCG. 

[Meet the Team] Our non-software developers

In order for Xtern to create software, we need developers. However, there are also folks who support software development, and they are critical to its success. 

Meet Sue-Ellen

Sue-Ellen is our Project Manager, which means she has the difficult job of “herding all the cats.” She is responsible for interfacing between developers and clients and ensuring all projects are on time and on budget. She has a keen eye for details and also ensures accuracy and quality of projects. 

Sue-Ellen is also mom to our Office Manager, Head of Security, and Chief Sunbather, Squirrelly the dog 🙂 Squirrelly works in the office every day and you can read more about her here. Sue-Ellen has worked at Xtern for six years and is involved in a number of community organizations, such as Greensboro Urban Ministry. 

Meet Glenn

Glenn is our System Administrator and has been with Xtern for 13 years. He is responsible for ensuring all servers, hardware, and systems are functioning correctly. He also oversees a variety of other office functions, as well.

Glenn grew up in the area and attended local schools within the Guilford County Public School system. Fun fact: he and our founder, Keir, attended high school together! When Glenn is not working, he enjoys restoring cars and DIY custom fabrication. 

Meet Emily 

Emily is our Communications Director and she oversees external and internal communications, marketing, public relations, employee engagement, corporate social responsibility, and strategic partnerships. Emily has been with Xtern for 1.5 years and comes with a background in startups. 

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two small kids, playing tennis, and being involved in a variety of local and civic organizations, including the City of Greensboro Parks & Recreation Commision.