[Xtern Software] Being a part of our community

Here at Xtern Software, a big part of being located in Greensboro, NC means being located in Greensboro, NC. Meaning, it’s a BIG DEAL to us that our office is here as opposed to any other place on planet earth. All of us either grew up here, attended school here, or are raising a family here. Those are big life events — and make us feel very anchored to this town! 

As such, we try to be intentional about the ways we engage with our community. The past few weeks, we’ve had a chance to give back to our community in a variety of ways and further strengthen our ties to the community.

Extreme Nonprofit Makeover 

We were delighted to be part of the team that received the Corporate Volunteer Award through The Volunteer Center of the Triad‘s Heart of the Community Awards. We gifted our product, HaystackCRM, free of charge, to a worthy nonprofit recipient. The recipient, Triad Legal Group, provides legal aid to low and moderate income families in need of legal help. The overall project, Extreme Nonprofit Makeover, is designed to give a nonprofit a complete tech/digital makeover. It was a great experience getting to partner with other service providers in the area and we’re excited to take part in the next makeover!

SynerG Lunch ‘n Learn & UNCG Bryan School Company Spotlight 

SynerG is a young professionals group under the umbrella of Action Greensboro. One of our local universities, UNC at Greensboro, has an MBA program called the Bryan School. We were fortunate to present for both groups recently on the topic of digital marketing. Our perspective is that a quality website matters more in digital marketing than you may think. We also believe in a “less is more” approach and guide our customers on getting back to basics rather than chasing the latest trends. 

It was great to present to both young professionals and graduate students. The Bryan students also asked great questions about our company culture, mission & values, and commitment to volunteerism. As a local company, it’s important to us to take part in efforts to retain young people. We know Greensboro is a great place to live and work and want to share that! 

[Xtern Software] Next in FinTech Challenge

It was awesome to play a small role in the success of Team Green Pickaxes! Congrats to University of North Carolina at Charlotte students! They won the inaugural Next In FinTech Challenge. Campus Greensboro designed and ran this event.

The talented team was made up of four students from the UNCC computer science program. The students worked with “Success Squads,” — teams of local professionals volunteering their time and expertise. Xtern Software served on the Success Squad, along with the CIO of the City of Greensboro. 

The challenge 

The students tackled a community issue through the use of financial technology.

Cone Health Challenge: use financial technology to address healthcare access, telehealth, and COVID-19 relief.

Piedmont Business Capital Challenge: use financial technology to address racial economic equity and provide resources for minority business.

The outcome

Team Green Pickaxes chose challenge #2. They created a dashboard called Triad Transparency. The dashboard creates greater transparency for minority small business owners.

First, a small business creates a profile. Next, the system could aggregate different contracts. It would also aggregate different loans and government contracts. There is also progress bar to show how far in the process the business is with various steps. Finally, the dashboard includes all correspondence received and an events calendar of relevant events. 

The judges liked this solution. They liked that the platform was super user-friendly. And, they liked that it was a one-stop-shop for small business owners. Finally, the felt it made the process much less confusing.

It was so great to work with local tech talent on critical socio-economic issues. We look forward to next year’s event!

[HarmonyB2B] We are live with Bravo Signs!

We’re always happy to partner with local businesses on their technology needs. Greensboro-based Bravo Signs needed a new website to showcase their work. They design custom interior and exterior signage for customers all over North Carolina. 

They do everything from yard signs (think “for sale” signs) to awnings to large electronic signs. In addition to installing new signs, they also refurbish and repair existing signs. Their small team includes a graphic designer, fabricators, installers, and sales people. 

Bravo Signs needed a website that displayed the numerous types of signs they create in a visually appealing manner. They needed a number of image galleries organized by usage (e.g. exterior, interior and vehicle). They also need organization by type (e.g. Channel Letters, Dimensional Letters, etc.). That way a potential customer could, at a glance, know exactly the type of sign they needed. 

Given the above, the images had to appear in an easy-to-navigate and appealing manner. The site also needed to have built-in SEO capabilities so that Bravo Signs would get served up in search results. It was important for this small, local business to leverage Xtern Software’s expertise to build their website.

Enter HarmonyB2B

HarmonyB2B is a Content Management System (CMS). It is supported by CruxDB, a cloud-based database. The two parts work together from the start. This eliminates the need for additional plug-ins or programs. The creative & technical sides of a business partner in HarmonyB2B. Harmony B2B creates solidly architected websites that work, all the time, while granting content owners sufficient creative control. 

Using HarmonyB2B to build their website meant that Bravo Signs could rest assured their site had the look and feel they wanted, while being solidly architected. The result is a user-friendly website (who knew there were so many types of signs?!) that is designed for humans and algorithms alike.