[HaystackCRM] Getting organized during idle time

[This post assumes (and hopes!) that anyone reading it is currently employed and healthy.]

For some percent of the working population, such as those in field sales, this is an idle time. Salespeople are hoping and planning for an economic recovery. They want to be ready for when our nation is back to “business as usual.” They want to create a strategy to hit the ground running the first chance they can. 

The key to readiness is being organized. 

For months, these salespeople have been on the road. They’ve logged dozens of visits, hundreds of new contacts, and numerous follow up items. But when you’re on the road, it can be hard to stay disciplined. Even though HaystackCRM is mobile-first and designed to be used seamlessly while on the go, we realize that’s not always possible. 

For that reason, now is a great time to spend a few hours every day documenting visits, entering contacts, drafting follow up emails, and inputting this data into HaystackCRM. 

Did you know we can help you get your customer data in order? We know sifting through months or years of disparate notes, spreadsheet, and emails can be daunting. We charge $50 per 1,000 contacts to help you get organized if that’s something your business needs. Get in touch with us at sales@haystackcrm.com if you are interested. 

If you’d like to do the work solo, we have tons of product tutorials to help. Either way, we hope you are able to use this time to prepare for whatever comes next.  

[Xtern Software] Think global, give local

Recently, we blogged about Extreme Nonprofit Makeover. We are so excited to participate this year! Xtern Software, along with other local tech companies, will be providing a full tech makeover to a worthy nonprofit

The makeover includes hardware, software, digital marketing assistance, and more. We are donating HaystackCRM implementation to the recipient. We are also providing a year-long HaystackCRM subscription free of charge

This year’s recipient

This year’s recipient is Gate City Legal Services. GCLS “was founded on the idea that every person deserves the right to an attorney”. They seek to close the justice gap by providing legal services to those with limited income. They believe that quality legal counsel is a right available to all, regardless of financial means. GCLS receives referrals through Legal Aid as well as law firms that encounter clients unable to afford their services. 

The hope is that Extreme Nonprofit Makeover will improve GCLS’ visibility. The more folks that know about GCLS, the more folks GCLS can serve. Access to better technology enables GCLS to market its services to those who may need them, and serve clients more effectively. 

There’s so much need 

Between the time we joined the Extreme Nonprofit Makeover and now, the world changed. COVID-19 magnified the need for aid in our community. One of our strategic partners, the Volunteer Center, lists ways to help on their website. During this time of need, our team is trying to help our community, whether by supporting local businesses or donating food to public school meal programs. We are proud members of the Greensboro community, and we hope you will join us in the effort to be #greensborostrong

[Xtern Software] Growing our team in Greensboro

It’s early March, but most of our local colleges and universities are already back from spring break. This means that internship season will soon be upon us! 

You might be surprised to learn that Greensboro, North Carolina, is home to 50,000+ local college students. Though not all of them live here during the summers, a good chunk do, and that’s where Campus Greensboro comes in. 

Among other things, the organization runs the Campus Greensboro Fellows Program: “A competitive, 10-week summer program that includes a paid industry internship and opportunities to build your network, enhance your professional development, engage in the community, and explore Greensboro as a place to thrive as a young professional.”

At a time when most software development is done off-shore, our software is developed entirely within the walls of our Fisher Park (North Carolina) office. Our developers are graduates of UNCG, AT&T, and other local institutions. We are proving that tech can thrive outside of San Francisco, or even the Research Triangle. 

That’s why we are excited to continue to grow our local talent pipeline by partnering with Campus Greensboro. We plan to hire a Software Developer intern and a Creative Services intern. Our hope is to equip local students with the skills and tools to thrive in Greensboro and beyond! Of course, our preference is for the thriving to occur in Greensboro 🙂 

In the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing more about our homegrown team.