Sales Teams Map Their Customers

For sales teams or an individual salesperson, finding a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that incorporates mapping customers has been a challenge.  But with HaystackCRM, sales professionals out in the field can utilize a mobile CRM and benefit from mapping features. A mobile CRM with maps linked to their customer database provides an improved tool for field sales teams.

Sales CRM for Field Sales

Small business owners know the value of sales teams visiting customers away from the office. Accustomed to doing things your own way, you have been stuck with overpriced or too complicated software for your business process. If you had to improvise with other mobile apps, you have quickly discovered that the connection to your unique business information is missing. Recently, a HaystackCRM customer shared that he had routinely searched for contact information for his current customers on Yelp because he had no phone access to his small business CRM. With HaystackCRM, map directions to your customer from your phone. Access prior buying history or closed opportunities in the same app. Be prepared for your next sales call and make informed decisions with HaystackCRM.

Adopt a CRM with Mapping

There is a low learning curve for using any of the features on HaystackCRM due to the visual and straightforward interface. Pinpoint customers with a couple of taps, intuitively mapping in the app. Mapping customers that are near your selected customer is a feature named “Who’s Nearby”. More deals on the go are possible when you know where to go next.

HaystackCRM is designed for streamlining the sales process, especially for teams that use sales professionals out in the field. Small businesses who utilize mobile apps or web-based applications can find their way with HaystackCRM. There is no downside to this powerful CRM because the free plan has the same functionality for mapping your customers.