Save Time on Quotes in HaystackCRM

For our customers, completely managing the sales process in a CRM, especially in a mobile CRM was key. With the HaystackCRM feature of Quotes, create a sales quote directly from an Opportunity and share with your customer. Every small business, entrepreneur and sales team has access to Quotes because HaystackCRM provides the tool at all price levels, including with the free CRM. Our goal has been to provide an all-in-one sales pipeline to start, manage and complete the whole sales process with time-saving features.

Sales Quotes from Opportunities

Follow these simple steps to move your prospect to a customer through the sales process.

  • Create an Opportunity 
  • Generate a Quote directly from the Opportunity 
  • Send to your customer
  • Revise Quote as negotiate

The sales Quote is stored with the Opportunity, creating a trail of activity.
Reference the automatic date stamp on a Quote. For additional convenience, an expiration date also automatically generates to be 30 days from creation date. View the expected closing date for any Quote on the Calendar in HaystackCRM. Expected closing dates give you a timeline for your sales pipeline. Team members can see exactly what has been quoted and the status of your opportunity. Save time on communicating these details to everyone. 

Quick and easy sales

A Quote can be created on your iOS device in the HaystackCRM app to save you time and effort. A mobile CRM has more advantages with simple ways of connecting to your customer. Take advantage of integrated applications by sharing a Quote via message, mail, Google Drive or Dropbox. After you opt to print the quote, a pdf will generate. On the web interface, a pdf of the Quote will generate in a separate tab. Export the Quote if you choose to share with a customer differently. With HaystackCRM, you have the technology to improve your customer experience. No other CRM gives you these options with the quoting process.

print quote in HaystackCRM

Customized Quotes

The document created from your Quote includes your company logo with your organization’s details to standardize your sales quotes. For more flexibility when negotiating with your customers, discounts for line items or the entire quote can be made with quick editing. The quotation process includes expected revisions. Quotes are an included feature with any HaystackCRM account and there are no storage limits to worry about. More reasons to adopt a simple CRM for your small business needs.

Find out how easy it is to create Quotes by watching a video on our Support channel.