Simplify your CRM

Positive feedback from our customers confirms our success at simplifying a CRM. HaystackCRM delivers your customer information with a clean view of contact information. More than the contact information, the customer interactions are unified under the customer listing to give quick access as well. Examine exchanged emails, calendar events, upcoming tasks to stay on top of all touch points with a customer account.

Simply Mobile

Today’s businesses function outside of the office with mobile professionals. In the current mobile way of working, access to key customer data must be available on all platforms. The development of HaystackCRM started with a mobile-first mindset, which resulted in a clean and interactive interface on mobile and web. As a native mobile app, HaystackCRM is feature-rich with expanded capabilities. Take for example the scenario of finishing up a sales call and needing to note the results of the meeting. When your thoughts are still fresh, dictate a note immediately after the visit into the CRM. Send and share a file in real-time to a coworker who needs an update on an interested prospect. Multiple ways to nurture customer relationships abound with HaystackCRM.

Amplify the impact of your CRM

Obtain customer insights into likely new opportunities by drawing on customer data presented in a simplified and unified view. Not only will you be able to deliver an informed experience for your customer but you will be able to identify new opportunities more quickly. With HaystackCRM, kick off a sales pipeline with a customer by creating a new Opportunity. Follow through easily with mobile CRM features. Nurture the customer relationship as part of the sales process with HaystackCRM.

Simple CRM for Small Teams

Many small businesses know their customers well, and need a platform to store and organize that information. HaystackCRM provides a strong alternative to the enterprise software with a higher adoption rate. This is partly because mobile CRM increases the frequency of interactions with an all-in-one sales pipeline. Additionally, the simple ways to connect with your customer from your most used business tool, your phone, makes it an easy to use asset.

A unified view of customer journeys lead to successful customer relationships. Look to HaystackCRM for a simplified CRM. Provide the most value by choosing one you and your team will use. HaystackCRM is a CRM your team will use repeatedly and enjoy using for your small business needs.