Save Time on Quotes in HaystackCRM

For our customers, completely managing the sales process in a CRM, especially in a mobile CRM was key. With the HaystackCRM feature of Quotes, create a sales quote directly from an Opportunity and share with your customer. Every small business, entrepreneur and sales team has access to Quotes because HaystackCRM provides the tool at all […]

Driving your Sales with Mapping in a Mobile CRM

Connecting with your customers is a large part of sales teams’ daily activities, not to only sell a product or service but to meet customers where they are and listen to their needs. In particular, sales representatives have not been tied to a desk. Instead, they physically meet with customers and clients at appointments, networking […]

3 Tips for Getting Tasks Done with your CRM

In HasytackCRM, Tasks are short to-do items that can be checked off when completed. Decide if you use Tasks for those undertakings that are quick responsibilities or engagements that are part of your workflow. Events are designed to be appointments, conferences and meetings in HaystackCRM, the more substantial engagements of your customer relationships. Add Tasks […]