Tagging in your CRM

Generally, the capabilities of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be divided into customer, sales and marketing management. All of these areas of business management are combined in the platform HaystackCRM to give you tools for boosting sales. One of those tools is Tags. Tags are custom labels for a contact, company or other record. To improve communications and marketing goals, let’s examine tagging information in your CRM.

Identify a Contact with Tags

As mentioned, a contact or a company can be tagged in HaystackCRM with a custom label. To organize all of your data, apply Tags in the same way across the platform. Centralized data eases the burden of looking for details about a customer. Organized further with Tags, locating contact details in the database is easier. Search for any Tag to find the needle in the haystack.

Improve Customer Communication

Many small businesses try to get by with spreadsheets. Move to HaystackCRM to get every one using the same database. Appointments, emails, calls, tasks and other actions are all in the system. Add Tags to personalize your CRM to your small business and your style of communication.

Instead of a bland database of everyone who works with your company like customers, vendors, or prospects, personalize their entry with a Tag. Try tagging as a VIP to notify all of your team of important customers. Want to know everyone who attended a particular conference? Add a Tag for the conference to each attendee. Then you’ll know the background when reaching out later. Customers enjoy doing business with sales and marketing teams that are knowledgeable about their account.

Segment with Tagging

Working with Tags, create different segments of your customer database to market or sell to. Use these segments to target email marketing campaigns. For more marketing opportunities, HaystackCRM includes links to social media channels in the customer details. Single out a customer for renewing a relationship with a tag after discovery of a trigger on social media.

As an exceptional tool for contact management, Tags provide actionable information for your business. Keep your customers and your sales team happy together with a CRM that provides a wealth of information. And don’t miss out on those opportunities for growth.