Why Choose a Mobile CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions allow businesses to organize their customer interactions. If you have been investigating a CRM solution, you recognize the need for technology to help your business in this way. Not all systems provide a mobile CRM though. HaystackCRM started with a mobile CRM instead of a traditional CRM. In a broad sense, the feature set is a classic CRM. Manage customer contact information and your sales pipeline. With a platform change to mobile, business owners can expect access to their CRM anytime and anywhere.

Choose Mobile CRM for Access

HaystackCRM gives enterprise level software to small businesses. As mentioned, your small business has access to a CRM when you need it. A salesperson can check notes in the mobile CRM before going into a meeting. A consultant can determine if previous objections were addressed in other communications. A small business owner can gather customer information and start the interaction with them on the spot. Give your business the tools to prepare employees for real situations. This increases the likelihood of a better customer relationship. HaystackCRM gives you the tools to understand your customers better, at the right time with the right information.

Choose for Productivity

By having a team use a mobile CRM, your business will be able to increase productivity.  Most people use their phone as a business tool. Give them a CRM where they are spending their time and interaction with the CRM will increase. Adoption and continued use of a CRM is problematic if team members are forced to input information as homework.

Using HaystackCRM as a web CRM is part of your account. If you are more apt to use your CRM on desktop, you have that option. Use both platforms. All your information is in the cloud and up to date. When using the web CRM, the updated, interactive layout of HaystackCRM won’t go unnoticed.  

Get Moving with a CRM

Other companies have recognized the need for mobile app development. In a recent article on Medium, another software company noted the increase in mobile CRM usage. “With mobile device usage continuing to grow, it’s only natural that the number of CRM users that access their system on smartphones and tablets will continue to grow as well.”

HaystackCRM goes beyond the goals of a CRM with mobile to increase sales performance, productivity and work capacity of a team. With availability to the entire team and ease of use with an app, small businesses see impact of the sales process. Reach out to our team to see how you can get started today.