Get started building connections with an easy to use CRM.

HaystackCRM is intuitive and easy to use CRM, including signing up for an account. Install the app on your phone or tablet with the same credentials for more access to connections wherever you are.

New to using HaystackCRM? Follow along with these how-to videos for step-by-step instructions on working with the different record types and features.


Add either a contact or a company to HaystackCRM in several ways. To populate with existing contacts, you can import a spreadsheet in your web account or import directly from your device. As you meet new contacts, you can also add directly into the account as you build connections. Add the details that you most need to manage your customer, vendors and prospects.

How to Add a Contact on iPhone
How to Add a Contact on iPad
How to Add a Company on iPhone
How to Add a Company on iPad
Import and Export Using the Web Interface


Create an Opportunity to represent your next deal or sale. Associate a value with the opportunity to start your pipeline with a contact or company. Generating a quote from a hot opportunity can be handled easily on HaystackCRM, even on an iPhone.

An opportunity can be given multiple stages, a status, and further prioritized by temperature. See how to fully manage your small business from a lead to a quote to multiple opportunities.

How to Add an Opportunity on iPad
How to Add a Quote/Proposal
How to Add a Quote/Proposal on iPhone
How to Add Items to Catalog


See your upcoming appointments, due dates for quotes, and task dates in a calendar format. Synchronizes with the calendar you use on your phone, like Google Calendar or Outlook, so you centrally locate important dates to manage your business.

An event can be named uniquely to identify a meeting, a conference, or a demo associated with your contacts. Link events to an opportunity keep track of all the steps in your sales process.

How to Use Calendar
How to Add an Event on iPhone


A Task can be added while you from the main menu, from the dashboard or working within a Connection or other record. Name uniquely, add a date if you prefer. A Task can be associated with other records, Connection, Company, Opportunity or Event.

View your Tasks on your main dashboard, in list form on the Task screen or the listing of an associated record. Add an alert if you like to have a reminder prior to the due date. Mark them completed when you are done.

Add a Task on iPhone


Access Who’s Near Me from the main menu on a mobile device or from the Connections screen on the web app. This feature highlights your current Connections that you may choose to prioritize. Identify a new Company as a prospect by finding on the map.

Who’s Nearby is accessed while looking at any Contact or Company’s mapped address while using HaystackCRM on a phone or tablet. Plan your next face-to-face meetings to further build connections using our mobile CRM. Great for field sales, frequent business travelers or small businesses building local networks.

How to Use Who’s Near Me on iPhone
How to Use Who’s Near Me


Set up your emails to be ingested into your HaystackCRM account by following instructions accessed from the Edit Profile page. These instructions can be found on your web or iPad account. You can add more than one of your email accounts to HaystackCRM.

Emails can be viewed from your phone, tablet or on the web at the Emails tab while viewing a Contact or Company. This allows you to track conversations and shared information with your customer base. Emails will be saved to the Contact or Company along with attachments.

Integration with Mailchimp is started by adding an API key to your HaystackCRM web account. Generate a key following directions from the Manage Account>Mailchimp page. Details of your contact’s performance in campaigns can be viewed on a tab of their listing. Also manage their Mailchimp list memberships from HaystackCRM.

How to Integrate Emails on the iPad
Connect HaystackCRM to Email Marketing


Tags can be created with any custom name you choose. You can create a tag for all team members to use to identify a Company, Contact or other record a particular way. Or assign a tag to a record (contact, company, event, opportunity) as a way to classify or segment. Tags can be searched to view a certain group that you have segmented. Once added, tags can be viewed on the listing for the Contact, Company, where ever you assigned the tag. Since tags aren’t included in your record count, add as many you want to your free account.

How to Work with Tags